Design & Contruction Philosophy

We, Decotek company, have accomplished numerous construction projects in residential, administrative and industrial areas in different parts of the world. Throughout years we have gained time tested experience and developed precise vision in realization of award winning projects.

built for your

Comfort is the aspect facing to the end user in our designs and the basic feature we always integrate through simplicity of each and every structure.

Designed for

Our homes are the places we find safety and peace on earth. We create homes with the responsibility of creating the most secure places for you.

costructed with

Solid and robust buildings made with superior quality that lies within engineering and choosing the best materials with affordable prices.

friendly with

Humanity has destroyed his big home - nature, while building his small home. We are constructing buildings co-existent with nature, to live within and together.


Head Quarters: Sanayi Mh. Carşı Yapı Sit. F Blok No. 15 Izmit - KOCAELI, Turkey.

Branch Office: La Maison du Burkina Faso, Angle de l'Av. Botreau Roussel et Av. Lamblin/Plateau 26 BP 640 Abidjan 26, Côte d'Ivoire

Contact Info

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